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A Story Waiting To Be Told

Posted by BridgePoint Church

What’s a road trip if not a story waiting to be told? 

The month of June will be filled with stories of the way God has brought our people to a free and light life. You’ll hear from all our campus pastors - but we want to hear from you, too.

Even in periods of our journey when things seem stagnant and routines are thrown off, God wants to write a story in our lives. He wants to continue (or begin!) writing one in yours this summer - but sometimes, we have to see in hindsight where we’ve come from in order to see who we’re shaping up to become.

It’s hard to live life in a state of striving, thinking every day that we have to earn God’s favor. We live in a strained world, don’t we? Many of our friends are ready to break under the pressures of the world. If we’re honest, it sometimes feels like we’re ready to break too. 

With so much to juggle and so many things fighting for our focus, why don’t we make room in our thoughts for God and the story he’s writing? His faithfulness is ongoing and never fails - just look back. Let’s commit to making that the message that we wear and carry into the world.

Take a few minutes today to write your story. There are joyful parts and desperate parts. You’ll see all the times you were stretched, shaped, and molded. You’ll see all the times something was ripped away from you and it felt like a punishment, but with time you saw that it was taken away to set you free. You’ll see all the times you thought God might just leave you hanging, and he came through right in the nick of time. You’ll run into all the questions you still have for God because you’re right in the thick of it, but with the reminder of what he’s already brought you through, it might not seem like such a weight to bear.

We’re dedicating our Road Trip series to living a free and light life, so let’s agree to set ourselves free. How? Begin to look at your life through God’s eyes. He’ll stretch you and not strain you; He’ll lead you in the way you should go. No matter how long you’ve lived and how much you’ve lived through, be assured that God wants to write a new chapter that begins today.

Make a commitment to pause right where you are, reflect on where you’ve come from, and dream about where you’re going. Whatever your imagination can fathom is small compared to God’s plan; he can do far more than all that we can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). 

We genuinely want to know your story - would you share it with us? 

Here are some guiding questions if you’re unsure where to begin: 

  • In what ways has your life not been free and light? What are some things, people, situations, or ideas that you’ve been chained to throughout the years?
  • Do you have a relationship with Jesus today? If so, what was your life like before you had a relationship with Jesus? If not, why do you think connecting to God is a struggle for you?
  • If you were writing the story of your life, what would you dream of for your future?

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