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Destroy your doubt. Release your grip. Recover your life.

Posted by BridgePoint Church

Not only does God want to write a story in your life, but he also wants to take your story and magnify it in ways you could never imagine. Oftentimes, he does this when he weaves it together with the stories of others to tell one that’s even bigger, even better, even more impactful than we could dream up for ourselves.

We’ve spent three weeks enjoying the process of getting to know our campus pastors, but God’s endgame is so much more significant than that. What’s the intertwining thread that binds their stories? How a relationship with God guides our journey to places we never thought we could go.

The wisdom that you’ve heard from Trevor, Scotty, and Michael has put into perspective what free and light looks like, hasn’t it? Maybe a free and light life to you implied one in which you were doing whatever you wanted (free) and not shouldering any responsibility (light). The only problem with that kind of life? It’s one that’s still all about us.

Don’t be tricked into believing that it’s only through becoming more self-serving, more self-driven, and more self-dependent that you’ll achieve a life that’s free and light. That will only come when we release our grip on the reality that we have created for ourselves and about ourselves, and allow God to redirect our route toward what he’s intended all along.

Do you think you serve a God that would bless you with a talent, show you a plan, give you all the parts along the way, and then pull the rug out from under you and force you down a path you’re ill-equipped for? If you believe that God is good, and that he created you so he knows you best, then you could deduce that the perfect plan he’s putting together for you is the one that will bring you the very most joy and him the very most glory. Are you willing to step into that?

Yes, letting God lead you takes faith - but when Peter walked on water because of Jesus, he had very little faith and was full of doubt. How can we ever expect to have a big faith if we won’t trust God with a little faith first? We can pull up a seat at his table and tell him we don’t think we can do it, we’re not sure he exists, and if we’re really being honest, we don’t think he could use someone as messed up as us. It’s in those moments - with little faith, and full of doubt - that God is most honored when we step into his story and allow him to do through us what we could never do on our own.

Does following God’s plan ensure we’ll always be happy? No, but we will always be joyful because of how he provides for us. Does following God’s plan ensure we’ll see success around every corner? No, we’re human and we’ll still fail. It will be painful, but the greater tragedy is quitting on God’s story - or worse, never entering into it.

Grab a friend and join us on the journey this Sunday - Tim will be speaking about the people we bring along and the role they play in our ultimate destination.

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