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So, You’ve Got Questions…

Posted by BridgePoint Church

Not only is it okay to have questions, but it is an indispensable part of your faith journey.

When you’re getting to know a friend, you talk to them, spend time with them, and try to understand them. Over time, they prove to be a wonderful, benevolent person who looks out for you and cares for you without fail. Inevitably, though, you’ll run into something about them that you don’t understand. What are you going to do?

Give up on them, turn your back, and hope to find something better around the corner.

Of course, that’s not what we do. We ask, we invest, we try to get to the bottom of the things we don’t understand so we can reconcile a valuable relationship.

For some reason, we’re prone to treat God differently. We allow our questions about God to become obstacles to progressing along our faith journey - and oftentimes even starting one.

“Someone who questioned their faith and found answers is a tree that survived many storms.”

It’s only when we come to God with our questions and invite him into our lives to work through them that we’re able to stretch and grow. It’s only through having the courage to ask that we can become more stable, more rooted, more able to handle the storms of our lives with unshakable faith. The answers aren’t always simple - they can often seem tricky - but there are resources available to you if you’re willing to put in the work to get closer to God.

There will never come a point when we fully “get it.” To some extent, God will always be a mystery to us. But because we’ve tasted and seen that God is not only all-powerful, but also all-good, we can choose to trust him. We can choose him over evil and hopelessness. And we can be enlightened with this realization: the questions we have about God are likely the same questions that our friends, associates, and neighbors have had about God and never knew they could ask.

Don’t let your questions become obstacles - and don’t let your people do so, either. Questions about God aren’t a reason to not connect with church.

We’ve got questions, and we’re asking them, and we’re moving forward.

We’d like for you to join us.

Who do you know that has questions? Point them to the messages from our “It’s Tricky!” series. Invite them to come with you to BridgePoint. Tell people what we’re talking about in this season and they might just be curious enough to join you.


If you missed it, we’ve recently unpacked the number one objection to the existence of a good God, “Why does evil exist?”. You can check it out here . We’re confident you’ll be encouraged to do what you can to be a light in a world we often don’t understand.

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