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Volunteer Spotlight: Michael (Production Team)

Posted by BridgePoint Church

His favorite food is hot wings. His favorite animal is a dolphin. And his favorite place to spend a Sunday is with the BridgePoint Production team.

Michael Coots has served with us for 3 years, but he’s been attending BridgePoint for 5 years.

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities that are perfect for highly extroverted people, but what Michael loves about serving on the Production team is that he gets to connect with others in a task-oriented environment. One of Michael’s responsibilities is to monitor and manage our broadcast audio; what you hear when you watch BridgePoint online while on vacation or catch up on a service after it’s been archived on our website and app wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like Michael.

His day on Sunday starts much earlier than any other day of the week - but Michael says it’s all worth it: “I get to not only work with a great group of people, but I get to greet people at each service, meet new guests, and just put a smile on people’s faces by saying something as simple as Good Morning.” When he was just attending services and hadn’t taken the step of serving yet, he was much quieter about his beliefs and his doubts. Building relationships here, though, has grown him. “I’ve learned it’s okay to talk and share my faith with others - and I don’t feel guilty for having doubts anymore.”

We asked Coots to share with us a story of someone he’s invited to experience BridgePoint with him, and we know you’ll love this one:

“I brought a girl here on a first date. We were on a lunch date that was going long, but I was serving in production that afternoon and had to get back for the 6:00pm service. I wasn’t ready to end our lunch date, so I decided to bring her along. She is now my wife and serving as a Team Lead for the First Impressions team! I don't think she expected all of this when she met me for lunch that day - ha!”

Coots is a highly valued member of our Production Team. You could be, too! Opportunities exist to serve with lights, sound, cameras, motion graphics, and more. Click to serve (don’t worry - we’ll train you!)


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