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Why Should I Go To Church?

Posted by BridgePoint Church

You could say you’ve never sat around on a Saturday night wondering if waking up early tomorrow to make it to church was worth it, but you’d probably be lying.

Even the most devoted followers of Jesus can find themselves struggling to prioritize their weekends; let’s be honest, there are lots of reasons to NOT go to church. The kids have sports practice, you’ve been hustling and bustling for five days and don’t feel rested yet, you’ve made brunch plans with your cousin who will mock you for bailing to go to church, or, perhaps the most distressing and substantiated reason: it’s raining…

Though the world might be your oyster on a beautiful Sunday - or your bed might feel like paradise if it’s stormy out - we want you to make a commitment to come hang out with us for at least one hour.

Here are six reasons why church attendance is important:

  1. To remind each other who and whose we are. We think we know how much God loves us, how much he believes in us, and how much he wants his best for us until we forget because we haven’t been hearing it very much lately. It’s important that we continuously fill our hearts and our lives with the truth - not only so we can internalize it and live in a way that reflects Jesus, but also so we can lead others in their faith. Our kids, our neighbors, and our coworkers are counting on us to be a light in their lives. Are we rooted enough in who and whose we are that we can consistently reflect that to others?

  2. To encourage growth. Even though it’s easier to just stay how we are, that’s not what God has called us to do. Idolizing our comfort in exchange for the potential we were created for is selling ourselves and the kingdom of God short. If we’re just satisfied and comfortable with where we are, we’re not being committed to who we were called to be. Coming together encourages growth: you’ll grow in your own journey, have the chance to encourage those around you to grow with you, and have a place where you can invite your friends to grow, too.

  3. To spend time with family. You know we’re family, right? The Bible says that we’ve been adopted into the family of God (Galatians 4:5). We’re supposed to love each other and invest in each other’s lives. What would happen if you never saw or talked to your family?  It would be difficult to feel like you’re close to them, and you’d likely be left feeling unsupported and lonely. We weren’t created for that.  Life is hard, and following Jesus doesn’t mean it will be easy. That’s why we have each other. Welcome home.

  4. To remind us of our hope. We get busy and lose sight of what matters, placing our hope in all sorts of things that will never satisfy us. Our hope and potential are in Christ. We can’t forget the value of that - it's secured and not dependent on us. Let’s give that hope our full attention and commit to being encouraged by it every Sunday, instead of just squeezing it into our schedule every once in a while unless something “better” pops up.

  5. To celebrate who God is. At BridgePoint, we define worship as recognizing who God is, recognizing who we are, and celebrating the difference. We can have moments of worship when we’re apart, but it’s a whole lot more powerful when we do it together. That’s because…

  6. We’re better together. It’s important for us to gather and remember that - the Bible tells us so (Hebrews 10:25). Where some of us are weak, others are strong. We can come together and accomplish an incredible vision by being exactly who we are and bringing our wholes selves to the table. This is a church value because it’s important to us, and because we believe that only together will we reach our city for Jesus.

You’ll undoubtedly stumble upon obstacles that get in the way of your commitment to God. The truth is, though, you are in control of what you honor with your time and energy. We’re committed to helping you get closer to God. Will you commit to joining us on a journey?

(Oh, by the way - you don’t even have to get up early. We’ve got services at 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, and 6:00pm. See you on Sunday!)

We unpacked these reasons (along with other reasons it’s important to be committed) in our August 2018 series, Rooted. It was an impactful two weeks.

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