BP YTH Summer Camp is a life changing week for students and leaders! The week will be filled with incredible messages, engaging worship, enthusiastic team competitions and life-long relationships/memories!

Summer Camp is one of the most meaningful (and FUN!) ways for BP YTH to live out our motto of "Relationships Over Everything!"

BP Yth CAMP Dates

JULY 5th - July 9TH, 2021



YTH CAMP 2021 Cost 


This price available now thru April 11
*Includes $50 non-refundable deposit

Register Here

$345 - April 12th thru May 30th
$395 - May 31st thru June 20th

BP YTH Summer Camp FAQ

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Sunday, June 20: Last day to register, ALL camp final payments due
Monday, July 5: Student Drop-Off ( Tyrone Campus)
Friday, July 9: Student Pickup ( Tyrone Campus)

Packing, Food, Travel

Where is my student going, and how is he/she getting there?
Along with adult leaders and BP YTH staff, students travel via chartered  buses to Camp Anderson, which is located approximately 5 1/2 hours north in Marianna, Florida. 

Does my student need to bring any money?
The camp has a canteen that sells merch and snacks. We suggest you send your student with no more than $35 for the week.

What should I pack for my student?
We will put together a detailed packing list to ensure your student is appropriately prepared for camp.

Can my student have their medicine with them?
To ensure the safety of all students and staff, all medications and instructions must be checked in with our BP YTH prior to departure. Our staff will ensure your student receives the medication at the appropriate time(s) per the instructions you provide.

Can my student bring their own food?
Your student may bring their own food on the bus trip only, and must abide by the bus driver's rules regarding food and beverage while on the bus. Once at camp... 

What if my student has a dietary restriction or allergy?
Accommodations are available for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. Please email  with your specific concern. 

Can my student take an alternative mode of transportation to or from camp?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate students that are unable to travel with us from St. Petersburg.

Devices & Contact Information

Can my student have their phones/tablets?
Phones will be collected at checkin and stored in a secure location with camp staff. Students will receive their device(s) back on the last day of camp for the bus trip home.

We do this for several reasons:
1. The absence of devices enables students to focus on getting closer to God and having an amazing camp experience free from distractions and stressors from everyday life.
2. Collecting their electronics and storing them in a locked, secure location prevents them from being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Can I call my student during the week? Can my student call me? What if there’s an emergency?
If you have a true emergency during the week, you may call the emergency contact number(s) provided to parents/guardians prior to departure. Please understand that students are so busy having a great time that they will not have time to check in back home. We ask that parents only call the number for emergency situations.

How do you handle medical emergencies while at camp?
Camp Anderson has medical professionals onsite to treat injuries or other medical emergencies, and are knowledgeable about nearby hospitals and treatment facilities should an emergency occur that is beyond their expertise. In the unlikely occasion that something serious happens to your student, we will immediately contact the parent/guardian via the emergency numbers you provide. 

Leadership, Social

Who will be with my student while at camp? 
Screened and trained leaders from BP YTH will be attending camp with your student. We strive to maintain a ratio of 5:1 students to leader. Your student will be assigned to a cabin consisting of a proper ratio of students in close age range and leaders. Students share the same bunk-style cabins and spend the entire week together building lifelong friendships and making incredible memories.

Can I make a specific request for a bunkmate for my student?
Bunkmate requests are included in the registration form. Specific questions can be directed to