In order to realize our callings, we have to pursue them in community with others who are on the same journey. Rooted is a series of classes designed to help you believe, live, and become all that God intended you to be.

Starting Point - You will discover BridgePoint's mission and vision and be captured by the idea that you play a huge role in helping our community get closer to God. We'll unpack our church values and review what's next for you.

Believe - Learn the essential beliefs of our Christian faith. We'll discuss how to follow Jesus and talk about habits of believers who are seeking after him.

Live - God made you to be a specific, unique piece of his kingdom. He equipped you with the tools to fulfill your mission. Begin to explore how you were designed, created, and gifted by God and how to apply that to your life to discover your purpose.

Become - Vast opportunities exist to utilize your giftedness and realize your destiny as a person sent by God into the world every day to make an impact.

Instructions for Online Participants Book 

We have the book available in two formats. Either one will let you download and print out the book if you would like a paper copy to write in during class. Please do this in advance of your class starting.

View Only Book      Fillable Book

In the View Only Online Participants Book the view layout on the screen is like you are viewing the actual book with side by side pages. However you will only be able to view and print this version, none of the blanks are fillable.

In the Fillable Online Participants Book the blanks can all be filled in however the page view is one above the other like a document. You should save a copy to your computer before the class and have it ready when you attend.

It is advised that you attend on a laptop so that you can have the zoom meeting window and the workbook side by side on your screen. If you need to use 2 devices we recommend zoom on your phone/tablet and the workbook on your computer.

Spiritual Gifts Test   DISC Test Membership


Rooted classes take place online as Zoom meetings and will take place on the following schedule:
First Sunday & Thursday of the Month - Starting Point
Second Sunday & Thursday of the Month - Believe
Third Sunday & Thursday of the Month - Live
Fourth Sunday & Thursday of the Month - Become

Sunday's class begins at 10:30 am
Thursday's class begins at 6:30 pm

Though the classes were designed to be taken in order, you may jump in at any time! Just make sure you attend all four classes to experience the fullness of the curriculum.

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