Impact Report

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The heartbeat of any healthy church is its mission. At BridgePoint, our mission - and therefore our heartbeat - is helping people, all people, get closer to God. Leading people to believe in Jesus, live his teachings, and become his people is what drives everything we do.

I am so grateful to all of you who continue to pray for, support, and get involved with what God is doing through our church. It has truly been an amazing journey with the best ahead of us. In the following sections, you will see what that process looks like and leads to. There are so many highlights, stories, and proofs of God’s provision, leadership, and blessings. What you see is just a snapshot of an overall picture that continues to emerge in and through the people he has brought here. Thank you for being one of those people. Thank you for investing your life in the mission he has called us to.

This Impact Report is first about celebrating what God has done. As you look through its pages, take a moment to reflect and give thanks. Remember, all of this is possible because of him. Second, it’s about accountability and transparency. We want to make sure we are sharing what your investment is doing and how it’s impacting our community. Third, it’s a challenge to remain faithful. One of my prayers for BridgePoint has been that as God makes us bigger, we would never lose the vision and focus we had at our beginning - our mission of helping people get closer to God.  We may meet in multiple locations all across Pinellas County, but we are one church with one mission: reaching people with the incredible good news of the gospel.

Tim Whipple - Lead Pastor










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