Current Series


The world offers an ever-demanding cycle of doing, achieving, and performing and we've worked our way into exhaustion in trying to keep up with it. But God offers us a real rest, the kind that recharges and restores our soul, and we're able to experience true peace and joy. Are you running on low battery?

In the Game

Are you in the end zone, or in your comfort zone?

All of Me

God loved us so much that He gives all of Himself for us. Do we give all of ourselves for Him?

A Generous Life

God call us to be generous not only with our time, talents, and treasures - but with our whole lives.

Once Upon A Time

Stories are doorways to another place, another heart, another world. The simplest truths about God and ourselves are found within the pages.

No More Excuses

It's never too late to turn from where you were going and become something great for Jesus.

Cherokee Night of Worship 2016

A night of worship to celebrate how Jesus moved at Camp Cherokee - featuring student baptisms, a message from our camp speaker, and a challenge to step towards what's next.

Summer School

A journey through Philippians; the rebel's guide to joy.

Me, Interrupted

True joy and purpose doesn't come when we think more of ourselves, but when we get more involved in what God is about.