Until we can safely reopen our campuses, join us on Sundays for live broadcasts at 9am, 11am, and 6pm  |  Facebook  |  BridgePoint on YouTube

While this may be disappointing to some, please remember the church isn’t a place we go. The church is who we are. Gathering, worshiping, praying, serving, and studying scripture are things we do as believers and followers of Jesus.

We can still safely gather in small groups of 10 people or fewer to catch up, connect, pray, and experience church. We have some ideas and guidelines listed here. More than anything, we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with and what is best and safest for your family.

Missing Your People? Try a WATCH PARTY!

Do you miss feeling that belonging and connection with others in the midst of a mission bigger than all of us? ✋Same! While the church building remains closed, CHURCH IS OPEN! We want to encourage our church family, across campuses, to begin to get creative to create space for your people to safely gather TOGETHER, even if we can’t gather on a campus. We’re looking for folks interested in hosting a WATCH PARTY (could be digital or in person).

Here are some ideas:

  1. FACEBOOK PARTY :: Many folks do not feel comfortable and are not safe getting in large groups yet, and that’s completely ok! Did you know you can “gather” your people, digitally-speaking, on a Facebook Watch Party and be able to worship together? Interested in knowing more? Click here.
  2. HOME PARTY :: Have you considered a quick panic-clean and opening your home to a SMALL group of friends or family? This is a GREAT way to hang with your people and get to experience what God is doing at BP together. Don’t make it too hard! Setup your tv/tablet/device in the largest space you have (or even in the driveway or back porch!) and hit play on either our Watch LiveFacebook or YouTube page when there’s a live service happening. You could even go a step further and take some time to debrief the message and talk with each other after, just like we do in Groups. Have fun and don’t overthink it!
  3. AROUND TOWN PARTY :: Find a public location that would be conducive to gather with social-distancing and masks, text your friends and meet them there. As long as your device can play data from anywhere, then you can have church all around town. Tell your friends to bring a beach chair, or circle your cars or boats up at a park, or picnic blankets in the shade to GET TOGETHER. It could be anywhere, but at least you get to be with your people!
  4. HELP PEOPLE :: Like we said, don’t overcomplicate it, but you do have any opportunity to spend some time together. How can you be praying for your people? How can your group decide to apply the message? What’s a small way to be active with your faith? 

Click here to find some Watch Party Group Guidelines to help you host a  WATCH PARTY well! Remember, we’re representing something big here, and we want to do so in a way that is safe for everyone involved. If you post on social media, make sure you tag @bridgepointfl so we can see and share with others how your group is connecting.

Already ahead of us? Love that initiative! We would love to learn what’s working well for you and your people, and use that to share and help others too, feel free to reply back to this email with any of your feedback.

Thank you for continuing to be on mission with us here at BridgePoint. Make sure you are staying up to date with us via all of our social media platforms.

June 30th Update:
Since the beginning of this season, BP leadership has continued to evaluate the progress of the COVID-19 virus and how we as a church community can be good neighbors to mitigate the spread and keep people safe. While we’ve always committed to follow local, state, and CDC guidelines, we have also evaluated our own circumstances and options as a church that gathers large numbers of adults and kids.

Due to the dramatic spikes in COVID-19 cases in our community, we have made a decision to postpone reopening our Tyrone and Downtown St. Pete campuses, which were originally scheduled for Sunday, July 5. While anything is possible, realistically we don't anticipate meeting on those campuses for the month of July and perhaps through the remainder of the summer. However, it would be premature to establish a new date at this time. So please stay tuned for updates, and remember that our online services will continue to be an opportunity to engage and connect with what God is doing at BridgePoint.