Powernoia - Week 1

Series: Powernoia

Powernoia - Week 1

October 06, 2019 | Tyler Crosson

Verses Unpacked:

  • Mark 8:36
  • Matthew 11:28-30

The Chaser:

  • When you think of ways to rest, what comes to mind? Can you think of times or seasons in your life when you've felt truly rested?
  • How often do you associate rest with having peace with God? Why?
  • Of the 3 habits of rest Tyler invited us to, which one would be the most challenging for you, and why? Would you be willing to commit to at least 1 and ask a friend to hold you accountable?

Series Information

The world offers an ever-demanding cycle of doing, achieving, and performing and we've worked our way into exhaustion in trying to keep up with it. But God offers us a real rest, the kind that recharges and restores our soul, and we're able to experience true peace and joy. Are you running on low battery?

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Powernoia - Week 1

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