Local Outreach

 Children & Families

 Strong families are the foundation of strong communities, and we can bring hope to those that are walking through a season of need, hurt, or struggle. By strategically leading and partnering with other organizations in our community, we can help meet these needs of under resourced or vulnerable families and foster lasting relationships. 


Every person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being matters to God, therefore it matters to us. We can help people take positive steps towards becoming who He has created them to be by providing resources or connecting those in need with community-based services.

Community Care

We’re called to love our neighbors, and one of the ways we can do that is to work alongside them to make our neighborhoods better. This could be gestures (such as helping with a home improvement project), or larger team projects (such as a beach or road cleanup). These acts of love and kindness can be a key to transforming lives for Jesus through the relationships we build in our neighborhoods.

Look for Serve Day events held throughout the year, typically on Saturday mornings.

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